Videos for Marketing and Training 


 "You captured my soul perfectly. Thank you for doing our video."

-Nancy Mwirotsi, Pi 515


You Are Legendary

Your organzation's worth and work ethic are determined by stories. Expecations. Norms. 

Stories start word-of-mouth advertising.

They establish culture. They guide.

They sell. They inspire.

You Are Legendary Productions helps you uncover and promote your best stories.


You Have a Friend

Lee Towe teams with your organization to define the mission and meet your goals.

Lee shoots and edits your videos. 

You get seamless production.

Constant purpose plus agile execution

leads to more authentic moments. 

Testimonials are more believable.

People are more relaxed. More real.

The results are more effective.


You Shape Your Future

You have employees doing innovative things.

You have customers who believe in you.

You have stories worth telling.

But many positive stories are hidden.

Unknown. Untold. Unrewarded.

You can change that. You can inspire.

You can create. You can lead.

Let's jumpstart new legends.

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